I need help regarding filling of my PMQ query form

I got an email from GMC saying to verify my PMQ as my college is not listed in GMC yet.
I have some queries.

  1. I have finished my MBBS from a college under Dhaka University.
    So I need a letter from awarding body.
    Where can I collect it from?
    Dean office of Dhaka University or register office
  2. In my final prof I didn’t do well in one subject so I had to reappear.
    So what will be my starting and ending date of primary medical studies?

If you are referring to this letter confirming your clinical rotations, then it can be from your medical college/institution rather than dean’s office.

Sir, it would be very helpful if you could share the templates of clinical rotations and medical transcripts

Hi @Faiz1996 can you not download it from this article- How to get your PMQ Recognized

No sir, not able to download from the website. It would be very helpful if you could send the link to download