IMT Internal Medicine Training

If you get into a ophthalmology training, its a runthrough speciality and lasts around 7 years from ST 1 – ST 7. And after those 7 years you get CCT (certificate of completion of training).

Now i got to know about this IMT program that UK is launching. You will apply at CT 1 level and it will last approx 3 years. Now thats what i know.

my question is
will you get a CCT after 3 years at the end of this training
or would you have to choose a speciality, do that and be a consultant to get that ?

Completion of IMT is a core level of training. That means you need to pursue a specialty level to be considered a consultant. Just doing IMT would not make you a consultant as Internal Medicine as such is not a specialization in the UK.

A consultant from UK can persue further career in Canada, Australia etc. And you need a CCT for that.

But i am asking this question cz i want to know
β€œCan I persue my career in Canada and Australia after doing just IMT core training from UK ?” like with out going through speciality training.
if yes then what would be the pathway ?

You need to see what those countries would accept. It would be of little bearing on what the UK does or accepts. So see what Canada and Australia accept from that point of view and you should have your answer.

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