IMT training after MRCP

Heyy there !!
Firstly let me start by appreciating the work that you guys do. For aspirants like us, people like you are the beacons of hope in our pathway ! Thank you so much for doing what you do :pinched_fingers:t2:

Okay, so my question is this;
I have finished my MBBS from India this year, and I am planning to take MRCP now alongside being a junior resident in Medicine. I aspire to take Internal Medicine Training in UK after I get done with my steps of MRCP, I tried to search a lot from your blogs and everything but couldn’t get a clear answer for this. Can you show me the roadmap to start my IMT training after I am done with my MRCP ?

Hoping for the response at the earliest.
Thank you :heart:

There are quite a few posts on IMT.

If you plan to move to the UK soon after passing MRCP A only, you would need to apply for non-training jobs. You could also try directly applying to IMT from your country but that’s not advisable.

Here’s the link with lot more information: Internal Medicine Training (IMT) in the UK | Road to UK

Thank you for the reply !
But, don’t we need to clear all steps of MRCP before one can apply for non-training jobs there, or is just MRCP A enough ?

For IMT, MRCP A is more than enough. At that level, you are not expected to have completed all. During your 2 years in IMT, you are meant to finish off the rest of MRCP parts so that, by the time you are applying for your specialty training programmes you have them all done.

That’s a big shock !!! I thought I need to finish all the steps of MRCP before I can get GMC registered and start my IMT.
Mind you, I am based in India rn, I am an international medical graduate

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