Internship acceptance

Hi there, I’m an IMG from Colombia and i’m not sure if my internship will give me full registration. It was in 2021 and had the following order:

January- General surgery
February- Peds
March- Orthopedics
April- Urgency medicine
May- G/O
June- Internal medicine
July- Urgency medicine (abroad in Spain)
August- Internal medicine (abroad in Spain)
September- Neurology (abroad in Spain)
October to december - Cto preparation for medical/qx specialties in Spain

I’m worried about the last three months in which I did an education course based of lectures that were validated by my university as part of my internship.

Does this affect my registration? If it does, there are other options? I’ve already booked plab 1 for november.

Thank you very much,
Diego Enrique García Eslava

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