Internship, Covid and the problems associated

I have done 1 year of pre graduation internship from china but due to the covid pandemic the last few months turned out to be online, it’s not mentioned any where on the degree or certificate but just for the sake of my own satisfaction, I started another post graduation internship in Saudi Arabia 5 months post graduation, because of covid the hospitals weren’t accepting new interns, so I had to wait for 5 months.
My question is that which internship should I show to GMC ?
Will the 5 months gap between graduation and starting of post graduation internship be a problem?
Will they doubt my internship as I did it two time?
Please guide me.

First, you need to know the difference between clinical rotation/clerkship and internship

 --If you are very certain that the 1 year was internship then I will advise you to use your university's internship certificate as an evidence of internship completion since your PMQ was dependent on it.

Your post graduate internship, was it an approved training post in Saudi?

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Yes, the internship in Saudi Arabia was approved.
And also the chinese one was an internship as stated on the internship certificate itself.
I am really confused what to use and which one will be acceptable as I did two of them.

Hard to advise on this as the GMC will have the last say.

Personally, I’d consider submitting the first internship as it was done immediately before you graduated and the later you’d have to explain further and probably provide written evidence about that 5 month delay.

But I had 5 months online during that Chinese internship. Should I explain the whole situation to GMC? And present both internships ? I am very scared and confused I don’t know what to do? Anyone with similar situation ?:sneezing_face:

As far as I know, when we are doing internship at China we weren’t registered with any medical regulatory board during our internship. Will GMC approve our China internship? Do we need to take any other paper from China?
Please let me know details about this problem.

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Im in the same situation as you are however, one of my batchmates applied for EPIC verification and the degree got verified. So Im hoping the online internship would be valid. However, internships from China overall have been causing issues when applying for full registration. I must say it totally depends on you and the gmc makes decisions case by case. Have you considered UKFP?
And as for your second internship, as far as I’m aware the GMC requires at least 12 months of internship, not sure if they’d accept 5 months.
You can read more about the acceptable internship criteria in the gmc website.

Hi I am medical student study in China, what if we done our pre-graduate internship online due to pandemic, is it possible for us to apply Foundation Programme?

Hello. Unfortunately if you complete the online internship you wont be able to apply for FY1 Positions. However you can go for FY2 Standalone positions in the UKFP Program. Because china colleges consider us a graduate when we complete our internships ( be it online or offline )