Internship documentation

Hello everyone!

I have recently emailed my university about an Internship Certificate and they provided me with this document that barely discloses any detailed information. They did not include the dates of each rotation, the hospital where it took place nor is it a signed document; honestly it’s more of an academic plan resume.

I am afraid they don’t even have a format for this, we don’t really get such document here in Mexico as our degree is sufficient evidence that you went through an internship.

I’d be very grateful if someone could possibly share an example of their Internship Certificate or detail which specific information it includes. Or maybe is there another document I could provide?

Thank you! :smiling_face:

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I am not sure whether you have managed it already @danym. If you haven’t, please write a reply underneath, I will send you a skeleton.

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Hello @ibrahimivan ! My university provided me with a new signed document by now, it includes start dates of each rotation, hospital where it took place and for how many weeks. Should be enough I suppose? :grin: thank you!

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