Internship pattern with 6 months of General Medicine

Hello !

I have completed 3 months of internship in General Surgery and 3 months in ENT.

Now I want to do the remaining 6 months in General Medicine without doing its Allied.

Is this pattern acceptable? Spending 6 months in general medicine and not undergoing Allied.

General Surgery 3 months
ENT 3 months
General Medicine 6 months.

Kindly guide me.

Thank you.

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The GMC has a criteria to deem an internship acceptable for Licensure

You must have completed at least 12 months of internship with at least 3 months in medicine and 3 months in Surgery

So the 6 months you did in both ENT and general surgery all counts towards Surgery

So you need an additional 3 months at least in general medicine + 3months any other speciality (ObsGyn, Peds, Psych) to make it 12 months in total.
OR you can choose to do 6months in general medicine

You can find other info/criteria here;


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