Is FMGE (india) a complusion?

I’m really new here and first time using forums…so my apologies in advance if i made some mistake.

I’m a 5th year medical student from ukraine.
The situation in ukraine due to the ongoing war is really bad.
But we are still getting our online classes and hopefully we will get to attend offline classes for the final year (hoping the war would end soon).

MY QUESTION IS , After completing my graduation from ukraine, is taking fmge a compulsion if i want to pursue my career in uk?

Bottom line - is having indian license necessary for me to take PLAB/UKMLA?
or can i just skip fmge and go directly for the plab?

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Hello and good day,

I think having Indian license is not mandatory to give PLAB/UKMLA exam.

Primary requirement is you should get your medical degree from one of the medical school that are listed in World directory of medical school. And then you have to pass IELTS or OET exam.

But it is not advisable to skip FMGE. Give it a try and clear the FMGE exam and then do your internship for 1 year. So that you may have higher chances to get GMC full registration with license to practice in UK.

Thank you!

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As you are the medical student pursuing medical course from Ukraine, you should be aware of the medical schools which are not accepted by GMC. There is a list of medical qualification from overseas which are not accepted by GMC.

visit: Overseas medical qualifications we do not accept - GMC

I hope your medical school won’t be listed in such category.

All the best

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