Is getting a loan as a fund for my uk plab2 trip affect the visa processing

I’m dr.Sadiq basha from India i completed my plab 1 in sept 2022 this year
and booked plab 2 on april,20, 2023
im now applying for visa , my parents dont have a valid bank account or job ,i have been working in a hospital from march 2020 till today , right now i have a balance of 600gbp in my bank account ,i have planned to self sponsor myself as i don’t have any sponsor of blood relation, i have applied for a loan of 4000gbp to fund my uk plab 2 trip and show that as a fund to meet my plab2 trip expenses, will awailing the loan affect the visa processing ?, i can get a letter from my bank regarding that loan ,will that be a good idea to take the loan ?? or shall i get a sponsor of 3rd party (ie family friend) to sponsor my trip ?? pls help

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