Is it allowed to apply for plab 1 with a provisional degree certificate

Is it allowed to apply for plab 1 with a provisional degree certificate. Im an internship student from china. I have completed all my exams including the graduation exam but due to the pandemic situation I was unable to finish my whole internship period of 12 months. Im awaiting to travel back to china to finish 5 months of left internship period.

Will I be able to apply for PLAB examination with my provisional certificate issued by University without the completion of full internship period. I will receive my graduation certificate after i finish my full internship period.


You don’t need a any certificate to book PLAB 1. All you need to open a GMC online account and you’ll have to be medical graduate already as deemed by your university.

And of course you have to have completed IELTS/OET before you can book.

Thank you. While creating the GMC online account can i put “passed date” as july 2023 ? And book a seat for plab 1 for august 2023 ? I have completed my final graduation but my university only issues the graduation certificate after finishing internship.

Hi dear,I am medical student from China same as you and decided to apply for Plab, can I have your contact details for more information?

You can always ask here to more people in the community for more information. That is the reason we built a forum, to make information accessible to everyone.