Is it possible to get the CREST signed abroad, so that i can skip FY2?

Hello! How are you guys?
Just came across your site when i was doing my research about validation in the UK. Great site btw!
I do still have some doubts though, this whole process is a bit confusing to me.
Im a medical student in Brazil, graduating in 2 months. I’ve always dreamt about working in the UK.
Our graduation here lasts for 6 years, and when we validate we skip FY1 because of that.
After gratuation i’m planning to spend about 6 months working in ICU. For what i’ve read tll now, the easiest path for me is to get the CREST form signed after i’ve worked these time (along of course with the IELTS and PLABs), so i can sign up to specialty training. Then I wouldnt have the need to do FY2 there. Am i right? So sorry to bother you guys, but there’s so much information im confused.
Is these the best path for me? I would like to skip the FY2 if possible, because of the low remuneration.


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Forgot to mention that my plan is to work a while here in Brazil, before validating. Just in case it wasnt clear!

Technically speaking, you never actually have to do FY2 as an IMG can start in a non training FY2 or CT1 post in the UK, get the CREST form signed, and proceed into training if they meet all the other criteria.

Please remember that outside of just having the CREST form signed, you would also need to have at least one year of experience post-internship by the time your training starts. So for example, if you applied for training in Nov 2022, by Aug 2023 (start of training), you’d need one year of experience outside of internship.

You can find more details here: The CREST Form : All you need to know as an IMG | Road to UK