Is one year of time sufficient to get an NHS job or should I apply for a PHD

Hello, I plan to get an NHS job. I just took OET, and the result is pending.
I plan to go to UK in 2023. I applied for a visiting research position in a UK lab. I am wondering if I can pass both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 and find a job within one year? Because the university only allows for one-year visit. It seems quite tight for the seats are hard to book.
Alternatively, I am planning to pursue a PHD in UK, which will allow for 3-4 years in UK. I can clear PLAB 1 and PLAB2 during this period.
Which option seems more feasible?
Thanks in advance.

Both of these options are very situational and personal. Whatever is more feasible to you. By the time, you do end up doing your PhD, wouldn’t it make more sense to have finished your royal college exams even?

So, perhaps think about what is more important for you. Getting funding for a PhD is not as easy. You need passion and a lot of dedication.

Thank you very much.
I am struggling in making decisions. I already passed MRCPCH 1&2, however I am not sure whether I can pass clinical, it seems quite difficult.
PhD also seems a good choice. I would like to be involved in academia. However, the timing and financing are indeed problems. Maybe I would figure it out after I got my OET result and make a future plan.