Masters degree in public health

Hello everyone,
I wanted to enquire more about the advantages of doing a masters degree in MSC public health or any health related degrees.
Is it beneficial for applying in NHS?
Is the cost and the time involved worth it?
Does having a master’s degree give extra CPD points when competing for training positions?


Hey, just wondering. Are you thinking of doing Public Health as a specialty? I am looking at Public Health myself. Will be great to know if you are on the same path.

Hey knnekaj! Yes I am considering MSc in public health, but i am not yet inclined towards public health as a speciality, i don’t have much knowledge if my choice is right hence my question in the forum is to enquire about this course as an interm till i clear my PLAB exams

If you don’t want a career in public health, then there is no point doing further education in public health. Please watch this video: