Masters during the gap year before the start of ukfp and after graduation


I’d be graduating in June 2022 and hoping to apply for UKFP 2023, which commences in August 2023.

Since I have one year free after I graduate and before I start of the F1 year I was wondering if its advisable to do a 1 year masters degree during the gap year ? I do have to prepare for plab during this year as well. Hopefully I can manage both.

Would be grateful if anyone who’s done this, could give me the pros and cons?


This is actually an excellent idea!

But… the workings behind all of this would be too much to handle in my opinion. Why?

  • Application deadlines:
    For all courses for 2022 entry (which will start around September 2022) is on 30 June, 2022. If you are graduating in June 2022, will you have enough time to make your application?
  • PLAB 1 Exam dates:
    UKFPO applicants are known to be given priority by GMC for PLAB 1 dates but despite that how crowded the dates are these days, it’s highly unlikely you’ll even get a PLAB 1 exam date before May 2023. Which doesn’t leave you much time for clearing PLAB 2 by July 2023 at the latest.

Given these two big hurdles, I think it’s more suitable to plan for a August 2024 intake for UKFP.

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Hello Dr Ibrahim,

Thank you for your reply and your valuable input.

I’d be graduating during the second week of June, and I can still apply for masters in some universities on pending results now or aim for the January 23 intake.

Regarding UKFP, thats a shame. I was planning for the 2023 intake.
If I’d have to go for UKFP 2024 due to high demand, I’d end up with 2 gap years. Would you recommend anything to do during these 2 years ? Wouldn’t the gap year be an issue when I apply for UKFP in 2024?

If you have graduated 2 years ago from the projected start of your UKFP you may have to take an additional exam in the process of getting into UKFP. It is called Clinical Skills Assessment, which they will direct you to take after your eligibility application.

Other than this, there is no issue of having gaps before you start UKFP.

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Yes Thank Dr Ibrahim for your prompt response and everything you are doing for IMGs. Much appreciated!