Medical school transfer and GMC (UK) Registration

Hey, i have been doing my MBBS in ukraine, but due to on going crisis of Russia Ukraine war, can i transfer my Med School to Romania and apply through EEA pathway to UK. I have completed my 4th year at present.

I think it would be a very justifiable reason to do so. And, if you finally graduate from Romania, your qualification will be seen as Relevant European Qualification (REQ).

You can read more here on GMC’s criteria on acceptable overseas qualification.

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Hi, Iam also a student from Ukraine facing the same issue as mentioned above. In my case my university is not supporting transfer, they provide transcript only if a student expels himself from the university. I wish to transfer but iam not sure if its advisable to expel and transfer, iam so confused as admissions in the European countries are closing soon.Please guide.

I don’t understand this part. What are they trying to tell you to do?

Vandalize the property so that they have to expel you? Attack a staff? :joy:

Jokes apart, can you please clarify what are they asking you do?

Hi there!

First of all, I would like to say that I’m incredibly sad about everything that has been happening and I hope it will all end soon.

Secondly, I know that Medical Universities from Romania have been working to find ways to transfer Ukrainian students. For that to happen, one has to be fluent in English and willing to learn Romanian as patient contact will be solely in Romanian. Also, I believe that an evaluation will take place as the EU requirements may be a bit different.

About this, I believe that after being expelled (even if you didn’t do anything wrong) you can only start from the scratch (year 1). A transfer would probably not be accepted.

My advice would be to send emails directly to the Universities you would like to continue your studies at and they can help you further with information and everything there’s to know.

Sending you my best wishes and prayers! Don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone else here for everything you’ll need! :pray:t3::heartpulse:


Actually we requested the institution to provide our transcripts(credits) so that we can try to apply for other universities in Europe, they replied us that they provide transcripts only under 2 conditions

  1. When a student graduates

2 . If a student writes to the dean that he/want wants to drop out(expel) from the university on his/her own will.

I hope you are aware of the current situation in Ukraine, students cant return back in the near future. Iam so confused what to do right now.

I have just finished my 4th year

Some say that gmc has few rules that states

  1. A student should complete atleast 50% of his/her education in the degree awarding university. Is that true? If yes,

In my case i have already completed 60% of my education in ukraine, so is it advisable for me to transfer?

  1. Also i would like to know if its advisable to expel myself in order to get the documents, does it pose any danger in the future while applying for plab?

Getting transcripts and not getting accepted in other European countries is another dangerous situation though!!

  1. Is it okay to continue the remaining 2 years(clinical years) in Ukraine itself? But we are not promised offline education, it will be online atleast for a year as the situation shows no improvement.

I have tried almost everything to get this information even spoke with GMC, but i could not get a clear cut answer, you are my last hope, there are thousands of students in the same situation as me, any help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

@Ajinkya I see that you are in my situation too, may i know your decision on this issue or have you tried and got accepted elsewhere?

Thanks, @Premi, for clarifying. I think I have understood the issue to a degree.

I have one question:

  1. Will another European university accept the credits you have completed so far, if you drop out from your current course?

If yes, then it should be perfectly fine to drop out → Get the transcript (credits) → Enrol in a new university → Graduate.

If no, then unfortunately you have to wait till you graduate from your current university in whatever way they are imparting education.

I never believe in some say…

  • Is there a latest/updated GMC guidance stating that “A student should complete at least 50% of his/her education in the degree awarding university”?
  • Have you got this officially from a GMC advisor via email?

War is one of the biggest extenuating circumstances in terms of education. I am pretty sure 50%-60% derogation can be made even if there is a guidance.

So my suggestion here are:

  1. You have to find other universities first who accepts transfer students and communicate with them as to what they need (as @rozemaryvijdiac suggested) from your current university to enrol you as a student.
  2. Then communicate back to your university whether they will be able to provide that (e.g., transcript/credits, transfer letter etc.)
  3. If you feel you’re unable to transfer, then finish graduation in whatever way your university provided you education. At the end of the day, if your university is in your degree is likely to be accepted for GMC (UK) registration.

Feel free to reply with follow-up queries.


Do u mean even if i continue the last 2 clinical years in online mode with no clerkship, living in another country i will still be able to apply for UKFP as long as my University is present in WDOMS?

“It must have been awarded after a programme of study, comprising at least 5,500 hours over a minimum period of three years.”

This is mentioned in the gmc website, does this mean i have to spend 5,500 hours over 3 years in the university i transfer or combined hours that i spent in both the universities?

I am also in the same situation as you are, so i have been waiting for the decision of Govt. of INDIA for further transfer as it is long way to get the transcipt from the university at the present condition.

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It depends whether your university will award you the same certificate as it would if you have taken it in person. If they have maintained education in a different way because of the extenuating circumstances - the degree will be still valid thus enable you to apply for provisional GMC Registration.

This is for the total duration of the course. Combining your transfered and new completed in a new institution (if you transfer). Otherwise, the online education will also be included in this hours as well.

Actually I have completed my mbbs in Philippines
I have cleared the lek examination (poland)
It’s been two years i have been working in poland now I want to move to uk in the eea catagory is it possible

Hey, I am in the same situation. I was studying in ukraine (I just finished my 1st year) but as the situation there is deteriorating I was thinking about transferring to a different country (kazakhstan or Georgia) to finish my med school. Would that be an issue if I want gmc registration? As I’m Indian and my country has a new rule that states if i transfer, my degree won’t be valid in India, does uk have any rules like that?
If I choose to continue in my current university (online ofc) till the situation in ukraine has stabilised enough for me to return, will the online classes pose any issue? Thank you!

@Premi @Ajinkya Hello Guys I’m also in same situation just came here to ask the same doubts but you guys have asked it already.

Good afternoon Dr. Ibrahim
My name is Samuel and I’m From Italy, I’m a 3rd year medical student in Romania in a fully English program.
I’m following all your videos and website to gather as much information as I can get to apply for the UKFP and successively the specialty training, but unfortunately I’m stuck at the point where on the GMC website it says that “I can’t apply for provisional registration if I qualified in Romania” but only for FULL, like a lot of other EEA countries, meaning that I can’t apply for UKFP…
Is it true? I mean… why is that exactly? I’m confused. Are there no ways to get the provisional one instead?
If I didn’t understand wrong, should I apply for FY standalone instead?
I’m asking very kindly your opinion about it.
Thank you very much in advance,
Have a great day

Hi @SamMch!

Sorry for barging in, I saw that your message is directed to Dr @ibrahimivan, but as I’m graduating from a Romanian uni as well, I might be able to help.

So, as you’re going to graduate from a 6-year degree programme, you won’t be able to apply for provisional registration (if in 3 years from now everything will be the same). You’ll get full registration after passing the UKMLA at that time. After that, you can either apply for the Fy2 standalone programme or non training jobs. You’ll find a lot of guidance in this matter on the RoadtoUK blog and YouTube channel.

I don’t think so.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask and good luck with your school.

Thank you for your reply! @rozemaryvijdiac
It’s been very exhaustive:)
Since I’ve been diving even more in the videos and website everything is getting clearer and clearer now, and eventually FY2 standalone seems my best route. Unfortunately there are still some points which are not very clear to me: since I can get Full registration just by my PMQ (relevant European qualification) do I still need to take PLAB/UKMLA for applying to FY2 standalone?
Or, the only exams that I have to take (except for IELTS/OET) are: ILS, ALS/ACLS, and SJT, please correct me if I’m wrong, and the interview?
And to conclude, are the ranking scores evaluated like the UKFP or additional clinical requirements are required?
These are the points where I’m a bit stuck.
Thank you in advance,