MRCPsych Required Experience

Appearing in MRCPsych in Pakistan
MRCPsych casc exam requires 2 year experience in psychiatry to appear… In Pakistan, are their any recognized or registered centers from where this experience will be valid or experience in any psychiatric facility whether government or private (like willing ways center at Lahore/islamabad, Lahore Psychiatric Hospital etc) will be valid for appearing in casc ?

Is there no national training structure in psychiatry in Pakistan? Like you apply and get into a psychiatry residency/training post in an institution? I don’t think you can take this exam without being in a structured training programme.

Upon reading the guidance for CASC you need a sponsor.

International candidates must have a sponsor in place in order to support evidence that their three years of training satisfy Royal College criteria of having achieved equivalent competencies at appropriate competency levels (year 1, 2, 3) for each component of the examination.

Sponsorship is required by all applicants for entry to the CASC examination.

Your sponsor should be an appropriate medical education lead confirming you have met the requirements to sit the MRCPsych examinations.

You will be required to provide the sponsor’s title, full name and email. Acceptable sponsors are:

  • College Tutor
  • Training Programme Director
  • Educational Supervisor
  • Head of School
  • Director of Medical Education (or equivalent)
  • Head of Department of Psychiatry
  • Consultant responsible for employee/trainee appraisal

Once your sponsor has authorised your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the Royal College, and you will be asked to complete your application and proceed to payment.

Apologies if that was of no help. You have to find someone from your country who has taken MRCPsych exam and find out how they have done it!