MRCS and Surgical Training Pathway

My Name is Dr Nahid.

I have done MRCS to be able to work in the NHS as a surgical registrar and consultant one day.

What should be done by people like me before applying to the ST3 training?


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Be registered with the GMC, MRCS completed and provide a Certificate of Readiness to Enter Higher Surgical Training, which is signed by surgery consultants or specialists in the UK or other countries.

Otherwise you should go through Core Surgical Training in order to be eligible for ST3. If you have more than 18 months clinical experience in surgery you are considered to be overqualified and will not be able to apply for this program.

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I do not have any prior surgical experience.
Should I get some surgical experience in my home country or should I wait so that I can get into core surgical training?

I have seen recruitment agencies want 4-5 years of training experience for orthopedic surgery ST3. Is it really that long?

Is there any other way to bypass this and get into ST3 in an easier way?

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Unfortunately no, you do have to provide evidence that you process the necessary skills and experience for higher speciality training programs like ST3. That is either through Core Training in the UK or the Certificate of Readiness to Enter Higher Surgical Training (I suggest you take a glance at this document and judge if this is a viable option for you)

Also important to consider that it is generally not recommended to take ST3 as a first-time job in the UK; expectations and responsibilities will be much higher of you. In addition, there’s a rigorous selection process for applicants so it is crucial to boost your portfolio to increase your chances.

Lastly, just to clarify I meant to write MRCS instead of MRCP in my last post :+1:


What’s the validity period of CREST form after its been signed. I plan to sign my form from my home country before going to UK even though I’m planning to take a non training job for atleast 6months before joining ST3