Non Training jobs

I will be graduating my med school ain may 2022. Can i work as a non training doctor right after my graduation in UK without any internahip or experience? If yes, can you please tell about the requirements …

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Hi @muhammad_ali!

No, unfortunately without internship you won’t be able to work as a non training doctor cuz you won’t be eligible for full registration with the GMC.

After graduation, depending on the country you graduated from, you’ll get provisional registration.
After that you can apply for UKFP if you want to start your internship in the UK or pursue an internship in your graduation country and then receive full registration to work in a non training job in the UK.

Hope it makes sense. Don’t hesitate to ask more if I wasn’t clear enough. Have a great day☀️

  1. If i clear OET, PLAB 1, PLAB 2 but with no internship/experience, will it give me provisional or full gmc registration ?

  2. After Oet, Plab1, Plab 2 but with no internship/experience, if i dont land a spot in UKFP, is there a way i can get a non training job ?

  3. If for getting a non training job, FY1 or Internship in home country is requirement, does it mean that nontraining jobs are only for FY2 equivalent or there is a counterpart for FY1 also ??

Thanks for helping me out.

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Hi again!

I think you’ll find the information needed in this “Road to UK” blog post .

Even if you pass both PLAB 1&2 and OET/IELTS, without an acceptable pattern of internship, you won’t be eligible for full GMC registration, only provisional. Most non training jobs require full registration.

You can definitely find non training FY1 jobs, but they also require full registration.