Non-Training VS FY2 Standalone

Hello everyone. I recently graduated (December 2021) from Hungary (non-Hungarian). I am starting the whole GMC process soon, but I am also weighing the pros and cons of doing a non-training job vs applying for fy2 standalone. As a Hungarian graduate, I can only apply for full gmc registration, but ironically I would like to start from a FY1 level job. This is because I believe my clinical skills could do with much more work, which I am eager to build on. Hence, my preference for a FY1 (or at most fy2) non-training position as my first job in the NHS. I don’t mind the lower pay, nor do I see it as time wasted.
(My overall ideal plan is: FY1-NT :arrow_right: FY2-NT or FY2 standalone before applying into my specialty of choice)

That aside, FY2 stand-alone applications for 2022 start soon and I am eligible to apply. I am unsure as to whether I will be able to “cope”, but at the same time it is still a good opportunity.

Question: What would you sincerely advise? Especially as FY1 non-training positions are not easy to come by.


You can look at my comparison here:

Unfortunately, difficulty in coping will always be the case in your very first job in the NHS. One can argue that being in a training program you can seek more support than just being locally employed. But in my experience, I have seen both ends of both types of jobs.


sir, could you please explain the part of over qualification criteria?
are you saying a fy2 stand alone would be better if i am interested in a surgical field?
also i dont have the basic requirement in my IELTS exam, should i consider applying for oet hoping i get a score of 400 or more, to apply for an fy2 stand alone? or would a non training job be good enough

For core surgical training, you can’t have more than 18 months of working in a surgical specialty. But, your work in your internship will not be counted towards this.

So even if you work in a surgical rotation inside a foundation training programme, it will not be counted towards the 18 months. But if you join a non training job in the NHS, it will be counted.

Trust grade non training jobs are not bad, but given the above advantage if you are interested in joining surgical training, it is advisable to try for FY2 Standalone.

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