NonEU(eg Ukraine) graduate in the foundation year program

Hello. Please is there anyone here that completed or is currently doing the foundation training in the UK after completing medical school in Ukraine or any other non EU country in Europe? Please can u tell me how easy it was to get into the program and what challenges you faced. Thank you

Hello, I’m a final year medical student studying in Ukraine, I haven’t graduated yet but I know the process of applying for the UKFPO.

You would need to complete the IELTS/OET, once you’ve successfully completed it either an overall score of 7.5 (at least 7 in each category) then you will be able to take plab one and 2 and continue on to getting registered with the GMC, with a provisional license, if your school didn’t offer a pre graduation internship certificate.

The application window for the UKFPO opens around the start of July and closes at the end of July, but you would need to look on their website for exact dates. You will be applying for the following years foundation programme.

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Hello Danielle can one apply for FY1 without prior one year internship? I mean because my medical school does not offer a complete 1 year internship.

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As mentioned by Danielle, you’ll need provisional registration in order to be eligible for FY1. The GMC state you can apply for provisional registration if you hold an acceptable primary medical qualification, have passed PLAB but not completed an internship.

You can read about it here :wink: