OET validity for UK VISA?

Is OET exam valid for getting a UK VISA (especially Tier 5). Because I have heard that for a UK VISA you need to give IELTS.
It shouldn’t happen that one person passes the OET and get GMC but later is denied UK VISA as they require their own recognized English exam.

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If you meet the GMC’s criteria for language proficiency and you get registered you can automatically apply for visa. They won’t ask for another language proof.
Take a look here

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Yeah, but the internet link mentions these rules about the Tier 2 visa.
Are the rules for Tier 5 visa (MTI scheme) the same?

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Yes. It is the same.

As your employment will be as a doctor, even if you are coming on a Tier 5 visa, if your professional registration body in the UK is satisfied with your English language, there is no further requirement from visa perspective.

Please read the guidance here - Temporary Work Guidance.

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and do we need any IELTS result for visa to go to uk to take PLAB 1?