Online class validity- russia ukraine war

Will there be any problem in GMC REGISTRATION if we had attended online classes ? Due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine which I’m sure everyone are aware of including the GMC, is it okay to attend the online classes compensated by practical training or clinical observation in our home country instead of Ukraine ?
I am a final year medical student and have less than a year to graduate so it’s kind of risky for final year transfers to other countries because most countries and universities will not take in final year transfers. They are asking us to go back an year which is a total waste of time and money.
So will the GMC accept online studies ? Can we compensate online studies with practical trainings or observation programs ?


I am in the same position, not wanting to transfer and repeat years at another institution. I’m hoping that our degrees will be valid. If anyone has any insight into the credibility our degrees, I would love to know too.

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Hello doctors! :sparkles:

Unfortunately there is no certainty there will or will not be any problems with the validity of your studies :disappointed: In the end, it’s best to write an email to the GMC directly so they could provide guidance.

Also, I believe it would be important to inquire with your university about the issuing of your degree. Will they specify you attended online classes? Are they going to award you a different degree because of the online modality?

Best wishes and feel free to post about any update :sparkles:


Even if we had attended online classes; the university will give normal degree certificate. They won’t mention anywhere that we attended online classes. Plus if we did any practical trainings or clinical observation programs; the university might give us an extra certificate saying that we did an observation program; that might add credibility since attending only online classes will not be sufficient enough.

Will the gmc check our passports entry and exit stamps ?

I think you will be just fine then.

Your degree should be valid if your university is already included in World Directory of Medical Schools, regardless of any extra certificates.

War is a special circumstance and any existing guidance that might prevent you from getting registered in the UK could be pleaded.


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