Online courses that may help

Hello again🤗

Unfortunately due to covid and the whole pandemic situation, a lot of face to face courses were canceled, also traveling is a bit more complicated these days.

I know that this question gets asked a lot so I’ll just get on with it.
What online courses can we attend so that our chances to find a job will increase?
I’ve tried the BLS course from e-LFH but it’s not available from outside the UK😔

I’ve also found another online courses provider but I’m not sure if it’s approved by the NHS or if it makes any difference for the employer. I’ll leave a link here

Besides a BLS course, what more can we look into?

Hope you’re having a great day! :relaxed:

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Hi there!

Don’t stress too much about courses at this stage. You can work on gaining teaching experience and doing an audit/QIP right now which won’t be of considerable expense.

When you come to the UK for PLAB 2, you can check to find an acceptable BLS course. I usually recommend Bart’s City Lifesavers as it costs about £35.

Good luck!