Online courses that may help

Hello again🤗

Unfortunately due to covid and the whole pandemic situation, a lot of face to face courses were canceled, also traveling is a bit more complicated these days.

I know that this question gets asked a lot so I’ll just get on with it.
What online courses can we attend so that our chances to find a job will increase?
I’ve tried the BLS course from e-LFH but it’s not available from outside the UK😔

I’ve also found another online courses provider but I’m not sure if it’s approved by the NHS or if it makes any difference for the employer. I’ll leave a link here

Besides a BLS course, what more can we look into?

Hope you’re having a great day! :relaxed:

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Hi there!

Don’t stress too much about courses at this stage. You can work on gaining teaching experience and doing an audit/QIP right now which won’t be of considerable expense.

When you come to the UK for PLAB 2, you can check to find an acceptable BLS course. I usually recommend Bart’s City Lifesavers as it costs about £35.

Good luck!


Hello Dr Ibreez
I had a similar question regarding online courses. Could you please share your views on online certificate courses such as HMX online courses (Harvard Medical School), CPD Courses and workshops. Do these help boost our CV or not?
Thank you

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