Online graduation and gmc registration

I’m an Indian student doing mbbs in china. I will be graduating this June 2022 via online mode after online internship, since we are unable to return to china due to the pandemic. So my doubt is , will my certificate be valid and accepted by GMC ? And also will I be able to get provisional registration in uk for FY1 to do internship if I graduated online?? If you have any insights regarding this topic please do share !

Yeah you should be fine. I am supposed to graduate next year. Now since china has announced to call indian students back then hopefully I will get to do my internship and graduate in my university physically. I too will be planning for foundation program after graduating.

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But I will be done with my graduation by the time they call us back ! And I’m not planning to go back since I have already chose online graduation. And now I’m confused whether I should change my online graduation to offline internship and graduation.

If you graduate this year then you can save time and be done with the plab exams. Then you can start FY1 post by next year. At the end of the day its your personal choice :slightly_smiling_face:


Do we need registration from any country inorder to apply for registration from GMC…do we need work experience… I did my mbbs from china, can i directly apply for GMC registration without fmge?

We can apply but usually work experience is required to get a job these days. And that we can obtain in India by clearing fgme. other option would be doing internship in UK via UKFP Pathway.