Pathology internship

Hello, my name is Daryna. I finished Odessa National Medical University (30.06.2022) and received my Master’s degree in medicine. Also I have entered and started my internship in the field of “Pathological anatomy” in Ukraine since August 1st 2022. My internship consists of 18 months.
I would like to know if my internship is valid for GMC registration. Or can you give me an advice what to do if it isn’t valid?
To mention: I want to continue as a clinical specialist (doctor) in the UK rather than a pathologist.

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Hi @Dari! :cherry_blossom:

So, the GMC’s website states that “If you’ve completed 18 months or longer, you must have spent at least six months practising in medicine and six months practising in surgery.”. Check that out

If it doesn’t seem like it’s acceptable, you can email the GMC just to be sure.
If not, you can always apply for UK Foundation Programme and start as a FY1.

Please let us know if you have anymore questions and good luck with your journey.
Hope you’re having a wonderful day! :cherry_blossom:

Thank you
I have messaged GMC about it today and hopefully I will get a positive answer :slight_smile:


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