Plab 1 Booking Query with existing OET Results

Hello…I’m Dr Nidhi…I’m from India…I’ve been following you YouTube channel and your content has been very useful for me…I had a query…it would be really helpful if you could give me your opinion on it…I had given my oet in Sept 2020 and cleared it…unfortunately after that due to personal reasons I couldn’t pursue the path to UK…I just restarted my attempt on the path to UK when I realised that the last day to upload the oet results to book the seats for 2023 is June 21,2022.

My oet results are valid till Sept 2022. Hence it won’t be valid for the plab1 and I’ve booked another date in July 2022 for giving oet again. My doubt is can I book the seat for plab1 with my currently valid oet and before attempting plab1 can I clear oet again and produce another valid result?


I am in the same situation Nidhi, I hope someone can guide us. @Nidhi_Koshy @Ibreez

Hi guys. Apologies in the delay in responding, but YES, you can upload it and show it as long as it is valid. Later when you proceed for registration, if need be, you can retake it.

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Hey Ibreez, thank you so much for replying. Nidhi, all the best for booking!