Plab 1 seat booking

Hello. I am a final year medical student from Pakistan. I have a query and that is if I want to book my seat on 10 Dec this year to sit in plab 1 exam for year 2023, but unfortunately I will not have my final exams result by 10 dec so can I put an expected result release date that will be by January 2023 while booking for plab 1 this year? Thanks

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Unfortunately this is not possible. You must have graduated before you can book plab 1. Don’t let this dishearten you though - keep your IELTS/OET ready and GMC online account setup and keep checking for any cancellations.

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Thankyou for your response and where can i check for plab 1 cancellations?

Hi Sara, once you have your graduation date and IELTS score you can sign up with GMC for an account and you should be able to access from there