PLAB 1 Study Materials: Where to start?

Hello everyone :sparkles:
I would like to hear suggestions or opinions regarding PLAB 1 preparation, specifically which revision materials are most useful to start with. I’ve heard about PLABABLE, PLAB keys, PLABverse and Medrevisions in multiple Facebook groups. If anyone is willing to share their PLAB 1 study strategy or experience I’d be very grateful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello there! I sat for the most recent PLAB1 on Nov 4 and, gratefully, passed with the results being posted about 5.5 weeks later via email. I spent about eight weeks studying for PLAB1 and started with the free materials (1700 questions by Dr Khan and Plab keys) that’s found online. For the first four weeks I was only studying about two hours per day. The last three-to-four weeks is when I started feeling that the free material wasn’t sufficient - there were too many instances where repeated questions had dissimilar answers. I subscribed to PLABable on Oct 20 and started hitting that for about six hours per day. I got through half of the QBank (about 1400 questions) by Nov 2 and took the included Big Mock exam (via PLABable subscription) on Nov 3, the day before my exam, to simulate the real deal.

I scored a 66.8 on the Big Mock exam. The day of the test, I woke up early and had a coffee / pastry for breakfast. It took about 45 minutes to process (ID check) all of us exam takers into the actual exam room. We started the exam at 8am sharp and finished at 11am on the dot. My score ended up being 118 / 180 with the cutoff being 117 to pass and an average score of 121. That was a bit close for comfort and I honestly thought I’d done better (in the 130 range, at least). I feel like I wouldn’t have passed if I didn’t do that last minute blast through PLABable. If I had to do it all over again I would use that as my primary learning tool and would’ve started it on Day 1 of preparation.