Plab 2 dates in 2023

I have question regarding the plab 2 dates that candidates have been getting in 2022. Almost a delay of 6 months when it used to be 3 after plab 1 results. Obvious answer for the delay is covid. But my question is when do you guys think this delay will end and will the 2023 plab 2 dates go back to normal which is 3 months after plab 1 result? That is if covid doesn’t resurge again. Any thoughts about when delay will end of covid doesn’t come back? Help will be appreciated

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It’s really difficult to predict that. I came to know that GMC is running at least two venues at the same time for PLAB 2. So hopefully they catch up with candidates trying to book the seats.

All you can do is book PLAB 2 as soon as you can.


Thank you for replying. Here’s hoping everything goes back to normal at the end of the year. I would prefer to get an early date of plab 2 with less delay, I mean 4 months is okay but 6-7months is a little too much.