Please help! plab exam slot cancelled by gmc since my friend booked it during internship

HELLO IBREEZ AND IBRAHIM…my friend got his exam booked on august…he had to change details about his degree awarding body he had to provide evidence of his PMQ… the GMC cancelled his booking of the PLAB test stating the internship isn’t completed and hence he isn’t eligible to book at the moment and cancelled his exam slot… BUT U GUYS TOLD ITS ENOUGH TO PASS THE FINAL EXAMS TO SIT FOR PLAB… PLS HELP WITH SOME INFORMATION

First of all, I do not appreciate your accussatory tone.

We always give you the information as GMC official website provides. You seem to be glossing over the fact that your friend had to change details about the degree very lightly.

When you open a GMC online account, you should not provide wrong info about your graduation and declare that all info you provided is correct and then after booking exams you go back to GMC to just correct it?

And if your country/institution has pre-graduate internship then you are technically not a graduate in the eyes of GMC until you complete internship. Not all the countries/institutions have pre-grad internship thus a lot of medical students are graduate once they are done with their exam. If your university/institution doesn’t consider you a medical graduate untill you complete an internship, it’s not in GMC’s hand.

Take this as a warning that this type of tone will not be tolerated in this forum. Learn to respect others to be respected.


I’m sorry about the tone…I was rather panicked at that moment and never intended to hurt anyone.
Thanks for the information Ibrahim!
I ve always respected what u guys have been doing, never meant to disrespect anyone!
Thank you :pray: