Polish moving to UK

Hello everyone
I am a doctor from Poland currently undergoing an internship. I plan to move to the UK. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with the whole process. I went through the information given by the authors of the blog and people on the forum. It cleared some areas for which I am truly grateful :slight_smile:
Some topics remain unclear though. I understand that in my situation I should start with registration in GMC. What about Foundation Programme? Is it possible to do a 2-year programme or do I have to start F2-stand alone? If I may be honest I would feel much more confident in terms of performing my practice if I would be able to undergo 2 years of training but is it possible if I will finish my internship here in Poland?


Hi @Marta_Wadolowska! :hugs:

After finishing internship in your country you’ll be eligible for GMC full registration.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply for the 2year programme (UKFP) as you have already finished an acceptable pattern of internship, but you can apply for FY2 Standalone. You can find more information about the programme here.

Alternatively, you can apply for non training jobs after receiving full registration, at junior level. Read more about your journey here.

Hope it was helpful. Have a wonderful day!:hugs:

Thank you so much for the reply. Could you also shed some light on when the recruitment process for Standalone usually starts and what is the deadline for submitting my IELTS score to start it (the programme) next year? I know that I should start the whole process with registration in GMC but I guess simultaneously I should also apply for Foundation Programme? Could you please confirm or deny it? It also seems that if a candidate holds relevant European qualifications, PLAB test seems not to be compulsory, right?

Hi again @Marta_Wadolowska! :hugs:

To begin with, no, as a EU graduate you don’t need to take PLAB.

To find out more about the UKFP timeline and application go check this link. You’ll find everything about when and what needs to be uploaded for them to verify.

You’ll first have to submit an eligibility application usually between July and August and at that time you’ll need your IELTS certificate with at least 7.5 in each module (writing, speaking, listening and reading).

About GMC, you’ll need provisional registration by the time you’ll start the programme, which is usually in August next year.

Hope I covered all your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask more if something wasn’t clear enough.

Have a nice day! :blush:

And that is July/August 2022 if I would like to start the programme next year, right? Does that also consider F2-standalone? F2 Stand-alone Applicant Guidance 2022 says on page 12 that the whole registration for the programme starts on January 17’th. (can’t copy/paste the link)

I’m afraid I dont have an access to this one :frowning:

Hi again😊

Yes, that s right, it’s for next year UKFP.

For FY2 stand-alone there is no eligibility application and the actual application usually takes place in January. You can read the applicant guide here. Remember that in order to apply for the standalone programme you have to be eligible for full registration with the GMC, so an acceptable internship already completed.

Sorry for that, you can find the guidance here.Hope it’ll work.