Portfolio for newly appointed FY3

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I have got my first job as Trust Grade Doctor (FY3/IMT1-2). Due to the grade Horus e-portfolio will not be offered by the trust. What alternative e-portfolio could be purchased?
e-portfolio by JRCPTB : will it be as similar to horus? Any suggestion would be extremely helpful!

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If your intention is to join IMT, then I would advise against buying e-portfolio by JRCPTB now. If you can’t have access to Horus, that’s not the end of the world, as technically you do not need that as you’ll be getting a CREST form signed.

Have a meeting with your clinical supervisor and go with a CREST form printed and tell them you’d need this signed before the next training application round you’re interested in applying and ask for his/her guidance.

If they have absolutely no clue, then find a consultant in your department who does, or speak to your hospital’s PGMC (post-grad medical education center) and seek their help.

You can always maintain a paper/physical portfolio, where you keep your teaching feedbacks, course certificates, audit presentations, presented posters, printed CbDs, DOPS and feedbacks (horus website has printable ones) - like in the old days.


Thank you, Ibrahim, for answering my query. If possible, could you tell me what effect would it produce while proceeding to IMT? Is there any sort of complication?

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No, there will be no complication. It’s costly and unnecessary.

Can you help us out and tell us what you put on your CV to secure a job? What they’re looking for
And how difficult is it to get a non-training job

Thank you and Congratulations

I don’t think the trust will go through all the things in CV for 1000 candidates applying for the job. Have a look at the requirements of the job. The essential requirement is the factor that shortlist the candidates. There are no special tricks or fancy expensive training that will separate you from the others.

Okay. Thank you for helping me out.
How difficult is it to get a job as a junior doctor? And if I haven’t given any of the Royal college exams will it reduce my chances at getting a job?

Be patient with the application. Some get early some get after 2-3 months. Like I said, read the job descriptions that are required it gives you the whole picture of getting the job. Don’t trust the random posts and comments in the facebook about not getting jobs. People get jobs based on their experience and career stage. Some have chances in the same trust after clinical attachment. Vacany are more from Feb - June and later in the year the number are less. JUST DONT PANIC