Questions about FY1 Application

Hi, I just have a couple questions about the FY1 application…

  1. I did my IELTS in 2020 and passed with 7.5 and above in all categories. Would I be able to apply for fy1 2023 in July or do I not meet the criteria? Do i miss the time limit?

  2. If I applied for fy1 2023 and fail/not meet the criteria due to Ielts or other reasons, would this affect my chances of applying for FY1 next year (fy1 2024)? Can you apply for fy1 multiple times with no consequences?

Thanks! My email

Thank you for posting your question.

A valid score is the requirement. Based on that, I’d say you may have to retake IELTS. However, shoot an email and ask them anyways. No harm done.

To answer your second question, not at all! You can apply as many times as you want given you haven’t completed an acceptable pattern of internship.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! This is very helpful. Glad I can keep applying for FY1 as much as possible, considering how hard it is to get a placement it seems. Thanks for the advice!

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