Questions about postgraduate training course

Hi everyone. My name is Zara, I’m from Azerbaijan.I finished medical university in Bakou, then I moved to Moscow to continue my study where I got two postgraduate training courses : one of them is obstetrics and gynecology(3 years),the second one is ultrasound diagnostic(2 years).After that I started to work in private hospital. In 2013 I returned to my motherland and worked as a sonographer ( in my country sonographer is a doctor)in National Centre of Oncology.Yesterday I had zoom session with Ibreez, thank you so much. She recommended me to do internship here in UK because she is not sure that gmc will give me permission to work here.I have questions to Ibreez : if gmc registers me which speciality they give?phisician or Gp?if they reject my postgraduate training what I have to do,can I work as a sonographer in UK?What I have to do in order to become a sonographer, should I take plab exams for it?if they will not give me permission to work can I go to radiology training course without internship? Thanks a lot.

Hi Zara. After full GMC registration, you will be able to undertake a trust grade (non training) job in any specialty/department you wish or if eligible you can apply for training.

If you get provisional registration, you will need to complete UKFP and then you can either apply for a training program or a trust grade job.

Sonographers have a completely different route to doctors.

Without an acceptable pattern of internship, you cannot get full GMC registration, and this would also preclude you from pursuing any sort of training.

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Hi Ibreez, thanks a lot for the information. I would like to ask you one question about how to become a sonographer, in my situation what I have to do, should I take plabs and go to internship, or I can do it without ?

There are options available for you in a GMC and non GMC route. If you check this link, it may help clear things better and you will hopefully have an idea of what is best for you: How to become a Sonographer | BMUS