Ragarding name on the documents


Sir, actually i am having a bit confusion regarding my name on documents.

My name is Md Abdul Basit
All my documents starting from my birth certificate till med school have the name Md Abdul Basit in it.

While my passport has my name written Mohammad Abdul Basit on it instead of Md, because the passport authority told that there no abbreviations used on passport.

I am currently giving OET
In which i have registered with the same name as on passport (Mohammad Abdul Basit)
Same with the GMC profile
I have made my GMC profile with the name Mohammad Abdul Basit.

So i don’t think there will be any problem in OET with this.
But what about PLAB/UKMLA ? Will there be any trouble with this.

I really don’t have anyone to explain this. So i reached you.

i am having the same problem. if you find solution please let me know.

Please find the answer here - About full-stop in name