References for Fy1 application

Hi, I’ve applied for Fy1 eligibility and waiting for the results. I just wanted to know when exactly i need to provide references during the application process. I have very old references from 2019, when I graduated. Would they still be valid or do I need new references???

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Hi @Nicholas0712!

The references check is part of the pre-employment verification.

You can find more info about how to provide your references in the UKFP applicant handbook at the page 28. I’ll link it to you below.

The UKFP applicants’ handbook

Hope this answers your question. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything unclear.

Have a wonderful day🌸

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Thank you so much. Haha i really do need to make time to actually read all of that. But thank you for showing the specific part I need to read. Hope you have a lovely day too!

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