Regarding booking of plab 1 dates

Hello everyone,
I’m currently in my final year mbbs, was thinking to take ielets or oet exam in nov so that I can create a gmc account and book dates for plab 1 for Nov 2023.
I have a query that can I just create a gmc account and book the date only for plab 1,and give my plab 1 in intership.
I just want to create a account and book date. Can I do that?

Thank you

In order to book a PLAB 1 seat you have to be a medical graduate.

Now this is where the confusion begins.

In the eyes of GMC to be a medical graduate, you have to have successfully completed your primary medical qualification as per the curriculum set out by your awarding institution. Now if an internship is included in your curriculum then you ARE NOT a medical graduate until you complete that internship.

If you are not a medical graduate then you can’t book PLAB. Does it make sense?

You need to ask (or find out) whether you can be declared as a graduate from your awarding institution without an internship. That means your internship is a post-graduate internship. If yes, only then you can book PLAB after you have graduated and take that while you are in internship.