Regarding eligibility for plab in feb 2023

Hello there, if I take my IELTS in April 2022, will I be eligible to take plab in feb 2023? Any clarification regarding this will be appreciated. Because in the gmc website it’s given that last date to provide IELTS details to apply for feb 2023 plab is march 2022. I’m unable to understand if this is mandatory. Kindly help


Hello! :smiling_face:

Due to technical difficulties, the GMC stated they will announce a new booking date for February 2023 with at least two weeks’ notice. It is unknown if they will still respect the final date to set up an account.

For now just focus on passing your English exam to be eligible to book for the next available date and keep checking the GMC website for any updates.

Hope this has been helpful! :sparkles:

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Thank you for this , do you know if seats for PLAB 1 are still fully booked for this year and what it means for IMGs applicants who wish to enroll for UKFP 2023