Research and Publication : How much it helps at NHS or in any Post Graduation in UK?

Hello and Assalamu Alaikum Everyone!!!

As an undergraduate MBBS student many of us wonder how much it would help if we had our own publications on journals like PLoS One, BMJ Open or Springer or any other renowned journals.

Our MBBS Curriculum doesn’t have any specific Research oriented topics or practicals that would necessarily help a student in publishing his/her own paper in a journal, although RFST gives us a little bit taste about publications. Nevertheless, many of the students have engaged themselves in doing researches and also they have developed their skills in STATA or SPSS.

Would all these things help a student in any way at NHS or in gaining any post graduate academic degree in UK?



Hello @Tonmoy_Chowdhury!

Yes, publishing any research paper will definitely help your future career.
For non training jobs, you can always add it to your CV and talk about it in the interview if asked.
For future training application, there are points added to it for published papers.
Anyway, don’t worry that much with that (if you have other issues to attend), as you’ll have plenty of time to work on that aspect after joining the NHS.

Good luck with your journey and best wishes! :cherry_blossom:

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