Role of a clinical assistant

Hello there. I am a doctor from India. I have my plab1 exams this coming May. My relative who works in the NHS suggested me if I could take up the role of a CLINICAL ASSISTANT in his trust. What does a clinical assistant do in the NHS? Does taking up this role of a clinical assistant help me in my CV for my future jobs in the NHS after my PLAB 2? Thanks in advance

Hi @Vignesh_M!

A clinical assistant role is a support staff job. You will assist healthcare workers in delivering patient care and help them throughout this process.
You can read more about it Here.

Any NHS experience counts in your cv and application for jobs, so it is a great opportunity.

Those being said, you’ll also have to pay attention to your visa status as if you are allowed to work in the UK for now.

Best of luck and I hope it all goes well! :blush: