Specialty training for Brazilian students

Hi there!

So, I am a final year medical student from Brazil and I wonder if it is possible to enter specialty training straight away after getting my GMC registration or if it would me necessary to enroll on the UKFP or a non-training job.

Here in Brazil, medical school lasts 6 years. The first 4 are dedicated to studying basic subjects (anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc) but also some clinical training, specially in primary health care facilities and outpatient clinics (but not limited to those). Then, the last 2 years are what we call “Internato” (which could translate to internship, in English) This “Internato” is the moment in which you do full clinical training in a variety of specialties, you are part of the medical team. However, you are not a doctor yet, you are not yet registered on the CFM (which is basically Brazil’s GMC) Only after you finish these last 2 years (and, therefore, the 6 years of medical school), you will become a fully independent doctor allowed to practise.

So, some doubts arise from all this: would it be possible for me, after getting full registration from the GMC, to enter specialty training in the UK? Would I even be able to get full registration in the first place? Would it be necessary to do the UKFP? If so, both FY1 and FY2 or FY2 standalone?

I apologize if this was a bit confusing, but feel free to ask me any complementing information. I am trying to clarify all these questions in order to come up with a clear plan for my pathway towards becoming a doctor in the UK.

Thank you all in advance!

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Hello Gabriel!

I am in the same boat, I had to go through a two-year internship program without being registered as a doctor with license to practice. This is what I have learned so far…

  • The GMC will take into account any work experience you’ve had after being registered as a practicing doctor with the appropriate medical regulatory authority. Meaning my internship does not really count as work experience (even if it was a two-year program). The same will apply for you I believe.

  • I can fulfill the work requirement through FY2 standalone or non-training (personally I prefer the later) if I am granted full registration. If my internship is rejected then I’d get provisional registration to apply for UKFP (yes, both FY1 and FY2).

So basically you’d still need some work experience after finishing your internship. Hope this helped!


Hi @danym and @Gabriel_Ari!

I’m in almost the same position as you. Here, we don’t have a postgraduate internship as well. Our medical school is for 6 years and we fulfill the internship requirements as medical students, also without being registered as doctors with a license to practice. Unfortunately we can’t apply for UKFP as we are not eligible for provisional registration.
@danym I’m also inclined to choose non-training jobs rather than Fy2 standalone.

Work experience worries me too. Although we have it practically, by being pregraduate do you think is less credible? I was thinking about a clinical attachment to begin with so that we have some experience in the NHS. Have you thought about anything else?

Wishing you all the best! :hugs:

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Thank you both @danym and @rozemaryvijdiac , it was really helpful!

Could you tell me your reasons for choosing a non-training job instead of the FY2? I’m still deciding what I should do and would love to hear your thoughts on both pathways.

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My main reasons are that non-training posts are available all year round, I will actually get to chose which area and which kind of job I’d be comfortable with and I might get CREST signed in a lesser amount of time (I will already have 1-year of work experience by the time I apply for GMC registration).

Check out this video and the post made in the Ambassadors category if you haven’t already! Exceptional summary of the differences between the two :smiling_face:


Hi again!

For me is the fact that you can somehow choose the speciality and the place. I would really love to find a job in London or nearby due to family issues.

Also I’ve heard that it’s a bit hard to get a fy2 standalone place, as there are only a few in the whole country.
I see fy2 standalone as a backup plan, if I don’t manage to secure a job, but I’m not so confident I’ll get in :))

How about you?