Standalone FY2 - English Requirement

I would like to know if IELTS Indicator is accepted for FY2 Standalone. If it’s not, can I get a letter from Kings College London regarding my English proficiency ( I am currently doing my masters in cardiovascular research at Kings )

Directly from the FAQs on FY2 Standalone on the UKFP website:

There are four acceptable forms of evidence of English Language Proficiency:

  • Proof that your primary medical qualification was undertaken solely in English, with all examinations undertaken solely in English, and that at least 75% of contact with patients undertaken as part of the qualification, was undertaken in English. NB: This is a GMC requirement and is evaluated by the GMC. Please see the GMC website for a list of institutions from which the GMC will not accept evidence of English language proficiency – and for detailed descriptions of the format in which the evidence must be provided.

  • OR a valid academic IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 7.5 in each domain (speaking, listening, reading and writing). NB: IELTS is valid for 2 years and the above scores must be achieved in one sitting.

  • OR a valid ‘Statement of Results’ from the OET with a minimum score of 400 in each domain (listening, reading, writing and speaking). NB: OET is valid for 2 years and the above scores must be achieved in one sitting. We do not accept OET results which are graded with a letter only, e.g. ‘Grade B’.

  • OR proof that you have completed a minimum of 3 months paid employment as a doctor in the NHS. A consultant testimony should be provided as evidence of this. Consultant testimonies will be accepted for work in both general practice and hospital settings. This evidence will not be accepted if it relates to employment on an ad hoc locum basis.

There is no way to show your current education as a proof.