Studying for PLAB

Does anyone have tips for studying for the PLAB exam (both the practical and written exams)?
Also what are the best materials like books, question banks, classes, etc?
Here in Brazil is very common for medical students to join online platforms that help you prepare for this kind of exam after you graduate. Most of these platforms are paid but they offer you recorded lessons, books, questions banks and there´s always someone available to explain any questions you might have on the topics. I was wondering if there is anything similar in the UK, i am very interested in joining one specific for the UK.


PLAB 1 preparation is mainly Qbank based. There are a few paib qbanks for PLAB 1 out there but the basic understanding of the different topics that are tested in the exam can be obtained from a free source called 1700 questions.

Please check out this article: How to prepare for PLAB 1 | Road to UK