The impact of a gap year

I’ m a fifth year moroccan medical student and i plan to do my medical residency in the UK
So first of all i wasn’t able to pass this semester exams because i had some health issues ,so i ‘m going to pass them next year and i was wondering if that can affect my uk journey, because here in Morocco is considered as a lost year(like i failed the semester) even when i have medical certificates that prove that i wasn’t able to pass my exams.So next year i m gonna be in fifth year again and i was wondering if that’ s going to affect my CV and my specialty choice or even the GMC registration ?
Second i always dreamed of having a gap year for travelling,self developpement and volunteering ,but we don’t have that in morocco ,so if i m gonna take next year to do all these things ,in morocco they will consider it as i failed 2 times in my fifth year of medical school.
My question is :is it ok to take a gape year ?is it going to affect negatively my UK journey even if i ll have certificates that prove i travelled and volunteered during my gape year ?
BTW : the moroccan system is different , after 7 years of studying we can continue our speciality training after passing an exam or we can become automatically a GP .

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