Tips on securing an NHS job before leaving to apply for Tier 2 visa

Good day,

Thanks for providing all this helpful information on the blogs so far.
I read from one of your posts that after PLAB2 persons may choose to go home.Once the PLAB2 is passed, persons can apply for GMC registration straight away online and also apply for a job followed by the Tier 2 visa online.
However, if an IMG chooses to stay in the uk after passing PLAB 2 and completing the GMC registration,how long do you recommend to stay to search for a job in person before leaving to return home for the tier 2 visa application?
Also do you have any advice on pros and cons of inperson interviews versus online only applications.
Any advice or links that you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

If you’re lucky and you end up doing clinical attachments in a place of need, it is possible to get a job offer during, immediately after, or in the next few months after your clinical attachment. So this might not take long at all (i.e. 2 to 6 months). But in a worst case scenario, it is also possible to not get a job after months of searching especially if you have not done a clinical attachment before. Hope this gives a vague idea.