Translating documents for Trac ID check/DBS/Visa application

Hello Ibrahim, Ibreez and all

I’m scheduled to pass an ID check before 1 week before starting employment this August, I have been sent a link on Trac for “Identity document selection”, where they divide into Primary documentation, Group 1: Photographic ID, Group 2: Confirmation of Address and **Group 3: Non-photographic ID.

2 questions:

  1. I cannot provide enough documents as most options are listed as UK only, I’m assuming I’m supposed to gather these documents after I move to the UK? I’m struggling specifically with the proof of address documents.

  2. Whatever documents I have, for this task, for the visa application or the pre employement checks in general, will need to be translated. Does it have to be a certified/notarized translation? or will any translation service do? (example documents: utility bills, criminal record certificate, credit card statement etc.)

Thank you in advance!