Ukfp and portfolio

Hello doctors,
I am an indian studying in ukraine in the 4th year.
So first, i watched the videos about ukfp and is it true that after 6 years of med school, one year would be wasted in me doing nothing but just exams?
Second, what is a portfolio? I’ve heard you guys say that it matters a lot in the UK. But I don’t understand what or how to make a portfolio. If you could please explain me that.
Thankyou so much

Hey ! Your portfolio is basically your CV.
You can enhance it by doing Research Projects , Audits , Presentations , Publications , Clinical Attachments or even Extra Curricular Activities during college eg. Leadership Roles or Teaching Projects etc. It overall helps in enriching your CV / Portfolio and might help you securing a job in the NHS.
And yes one year is technically wasted but you can work on your CV in that time and improve it.
Hope this helped !

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