UKMLA implementation ,syllabus,

When will it be actually implemented and will there be a difference between syllabus of plab and ukmla
As some sites show 2025 while the official gmc shows 2024.
What will become of those people who would be graduating in 2024…will they have to give plab or ukmla…Any updates

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Hi @Ibtesam! :relaxed:

I believe that the best source for this kind of information is the GMC website as they are the only ones that we should trust.
You’ll find in this attached link everything that there is to know about UKMLA until now. For IMGs the implementation date will be early 2024. Anyone supposed to take PLAB in 2024 or after will now attend UKMLA.

Talking about the syllabus, you can find here the official MLA content map, updated. I would suggest to download the PDF version as it seemed more easy to understand (you can find it if you scroll down the page).

Hope it was helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask further questions if needed.

Have a nice day :sunny: