Ukraine-russia war online degree valid

Hi. I am a 6th year med student studying in ukraine. Because of ukraine russia war , i will have to do my final year online. I’ve already done 1.5 years online because of covid. So, I’ve done total of 3.5 years course in offline mode and 2.5 years in online mode. I don’t want to take transfer as of now. I want to do ukfp . Will GMC accept my 2.5 yrs online degree or not?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Ksaipriyanka!

First of all, I am so sorry about what has been happening in Ukraine. I’m sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts and hope everything will end soon.

About your registration, it shouldn’t be a problem. Please read here the GMCs statement regarding this situation.
It would be best to email the GMC directly to get a safe answer as they are the only ones that can provide it.

Best wishes and don’t hesitate to come back anytime for more queries. :cherry_blossom::pray:t3: