Unable to Resolve Issue about Discrepancy in my Dates


I have hugely benefited from the content on the website and the videos. I have long been wanting to apply for PLAB but my uncertainty about my below average performance in medical school as well as the delay I have taken to get my certificate have troubled me.

I have completed my MBBS from India. My starting date for the course was in August 2010. But I only cleared the final year exams in June 2019. (a good 4 years later than the usual date).Thereafter I did my internship for one year here. Now, for personal reasons I did not get my degree in time, and went to collect it a whole one year after it is officially issued. Thus there are two dates on my degree, which are a year apart. The degree reads:

“MBBS has been awarded in recognition of the exam held during June 2019. Given under the seal of the university in the convocation held on Februrary 2021.”

But since I only collected the degree much later, The print date on the same certificate is 29/03/22

Should this discrepency be a problem for me? Specially if they ask for details of my past 5 year activities?

Also, my pass date and end date will not be affected presumably by these dates, as per the blog post on your website, I gather?

It would be immensely helpful to me, as well as give me hope to carry on and go ahead with confidence if you could kindly guide me here.

Thank you.


Hello @AG_123!

As this is a complex situation, I believe it’s best to contact the GMC directly and explain everything.

You can easily do this by checking this link .

They will have the right knowledge to guide you further.

I hope everything goes well and you’ll be able to begin your UK journey! Good luck and best wishes! :sunny:

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Can someone else please confirm what is the course of action here. I am having the same difficulty. Due to covid, my course end dates have gotten extended, and theres a similar discrepancy where I have two dates.

If I understood the situation correctly…

  • You got into a 5.5 years course of MBBS in August 2010.
  • You finally passed the final exam in June 2019.
  • Then you finished the internship (from which date to which date?)
    • Was this internship part of your graduation?
    • Could you have awarded the MBBS degree without completing that internship?
  • Convocation was help for your degree in February 2021
  • You collected the certificate on March 2022.

Based on the information above:

  • Your start date is around August 2010

Now if your MBBS graduation included the internship (a pre-graduate internship) then,

  • Your end date is the last date of your internship.

If it was a post-graduate internship,

  • Your end date is the last academic day before your final exam.

Same thing applies for your passed date. If pre-graduate then you passed after your internship is completed, if post-graduate you passed in June 2019.

It absolutely DOES NOT matter when you collected the certificate or when it was printed. Hope it is resolved now. Any further questions, shoot!

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